Adroit CDB

ADROIT CDB, backs up data, over a proprietary or public network to any back-up server, be it on-premise or cloud. ADROIT CDB, is a fully functional back-up solution that works across local network and cloud platforms. It’s an unique, innovative, secure solution helping enterprises backup their data on to the cloud of their choice.

Awesome Features

Incremental Backups

ADROIT CDB performs a full backup initially. ADROIT CDB updates the initial backup by adding the changed data only. This saves time, space and backup is quick.


Data is compressed before it is encrypted and uploaded. ADROIT CDB supports Zip/Deflate or 7z/LZMA2 compression. For performance reasons, ADROIT CDB detects files that are compressed already and adds those to the Zip or 7z archives.


The built-in scheduler runs your backups automatically at times and intervals you define. Backup can be every day, at the weekend, every hour or even 3pm on every 3rd Monday. If a date is missed, ADROIT CDB will run the job, on-demand too.

Fail-Safe Design

ADROIT CDB is designed to handle various kinds of issues such as Network hiccups, interrupted backups, unavailable or corrupt storage systems. If a backup run was interrupted, it can be continued at a later time, from where it got interrupted. If remote files gets corrupted, ADROIT CDB can try to repair them if local data is still present or restore as much as possible.

Command Line Interface

We did not forget about system admins! ADROIT CDB offers all functions and feature via ADROIT CDB.Commandline.exe. This allows you to add backup features to your scripts or run backups in a terminal window.


ADROIT CDB analyzes the content of files and stores data blocks. Due to that, ADROIT CDB will find duplicate files and similar content and store this only once in the backup. As ADROIT CDB analyses the content of files it can handle situations very well, if files and folders are moved or renamed. As the content does not change, the next backup will be small.

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