Cloud backup for enterprise business

There are numerous ways people lose data. AdroitCDB Safe cloud backup protects you from all the major causes of data loss:

Easy-to-use business cloud backup to protect all your important files

Recover clean files from the cloud if your originals become infected with ransomware

Award-winning support seven days a week

Advanced encryption both at rest and in-flight

Plans available for enterprise businesses and the home office

Easily recover files, folders and complete systems

Cloud backup benefits include

There are reduced costs if the volume of backup data is low. Some providers, such as Mozy, offer free cloud backup up to a certain data limit.

The cloud is scalable. Growing data sets are easily backed up in the cloud. But organizations need to be wary of escalating costs as data volume grows.

Managing cloud backups is simpler, as service providers take care of many of the tasks that are required with other forms of backup.

But downsides and challenges exist


Amount of data

Best when the total amount to protect is less than 100GB per 1mb of network bandwidth. For example 100GB can be supported by a 1mb WAN connection(such as DSL)

For large amount of data or for environments with limited network connectivity, treditional backup techniques are more appropriate

Rate of change

Best when the rate of change is less than 10% of the total data per month

For data that changes frequently, tredition backup methods that use local disk and tape, with tape transports off-site, are more appropriate.

The speed of the backup depends a lot on bandwidth and latency. For example, when many organizations are using the internet connection, the backup could be slower.

Costs can escalate when backing up large amounts of data to the cloud.

As with any use of cloud storage, data is moved outside of an organization's buildings and equipment and into the control of an outside provider.

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